The First Sandbur

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  The first sandbur, did raise its’ head, One early Spring morning while you were in bed. You walked out in the yard, with no shoes to protect, And that jagged young sticker, your foot it did wreck. You screamed … Continued


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Cankerworms  Thanks to the NC Forest Service for this information: There are two species of cankerworms in North Carolina: the spring cankerworm and the fall cankerworm. Although both species are similar in behavior and appearance, their names indicate the time … Continued

Crabgrass Germination Map

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Don’t let crabgrass sneak up on you this year.  CLICK HERE to get more information on Prodiamine pre-emergent control.  Prodiamine is a very effective product that can deliver a strong barricade of protection for 3-4 months and stops tough weeds … Continued

MSMA Mix Rates

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MSMA is a great solution to kill crabgrass, dallisgrass, sandburrs and many other noxious weeds.  If you plan to use MSMA to eliminate your crabgrass, be sure to thoroughly read the label and follow all precautions and directions. While you … Continued

MSMA State Availability

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MSMA 6 Plus availability MSMA 6 Plus is a selective, post-emergent crabgrass control product that contains 47.6% MSMA.  A combination liquid herbicide and surfactant blend, when used as directed on the label, MSMA can control and eliminate post-emergent crabgrass, dallisgrass, … Continued

Tahitian Pearl Contest

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Between now and St. Patricks Day, 2013, one very lucky shucker will win this gorgeous Tahitian Pearl necklace from Durham jeweler Hamilton Hill.  All you have to do to have an equal chance is to purchase one of our Carolina … Continued