The First Sandbur

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 Geo II

The first sandbur, did raise its’ head,

One early Spring morning while you were in bed.

You walked out in the yard, with no shoes to protect,

And that jagged young sticker, your foot it did wreck.

You screamed to the skies, with a tear down your face,

“These nasty old sandburs are all over the place.”

(Chorus) Sandbur…sandbur..sandbur…sandbur…Your end is coming, I’ll get you for sure.

Stone Brothers you did call, and before you knew,

We delivered an excellent solution to you.

Dithiopyr will clear your field and your yard,

Those sandburs are gone and it wasn’t that hard.

Sandbur…sandbur..sandbur…sandbur…Your end is coming, I’ll get you for sure.

  1. Lorna Santillo

    I recently moved to Weatherford Texas, the yard (1+ acres) are covered with sand burrs, the dogs are covered with them when they come in, they try to clean them off and they get them in their mouths
    will MSMA 6 Plus do the job to clear the burrs (and other weeds) or what do you recommend, I need help with this. Your poem says Dithiopyr (will it help kill the other weeds) which do you suggest. I’ve never had such an ugly mean yard before.

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