Stone Brothers & Byrd Premium Fescue Blends

Every year, Stone Brothers & Byrd participates in the Turf Trial tests at NC State University.  There, we study the health and viability of numerous fescue monocultures. Utilizing this knowledge, we formulate our precise blends to give you a wide range of options to accommodate the sun and shade mixes that come with life in the South.   Come on down to the store and we’ll spend the one-on-one time with you to determine exactly what will work best for your environment.  And in addition to the best fescue blends, ask about our proprietary “SBB” Fertilizer blend.  Our 30-4-10 is the perfect complement to our turf blends and is formulated to give your lawn a steady feed throughout the winter months. This is critical to establishing a strong root system.  



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