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Creepy Crawly Combo


Bengal Concentrate and IG Regulator combine to help eliminate bugs and eggs.

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Kill existing insects and eliminate the eggs with Bengal insecticide concentrate combined with I.G. Regulator.  Mix both in one gallon of water and spray indoors to wipe-out fleas, ants, crickets, earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, spiders, deer ticks, brown ticks, roaches, water bugs, bedbugs and many more.

Research from Penn State University shows that Esfenvalerate, the active ingredient in Bengal Insecticide Concentrate offers a rapid reduction of bedbugs.  Combined with an Insect Growth Regulator, adults are sterilized and interferes with bedbug development. To read more about this research, click Penn State Research.


Includes one bottle of Bengal and one bottle of IGR to treat @ 1,000 sq/ft.



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