MSMA 6 Plus- 5 gallons


Outstanding post-emergent control of crabgrass, sandburrs, dallisgrass and much more.  Treats up to 8 acres.

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MSMA 6 Plus is a selective, post-emergent crabgrass control product that contains 47.6% MSMA. MSMA 6 Plus is a combination liquid herbicide and surfactant blend. When used as directed on the label, MSMA can control and eliminate post-emergent crabgrass, dallisgrass, sandburrs and many other noxious weeds.MSMA is not available for sale in some states:  Click here to check.Read the complete product label for Drexel MSMA5 gallons of MSMA will treat approximately 8 acres.  Click here for  information on mix rates. 

MSMA will ship as either Drexel or Target brand.  Both brands contain the same amount of active ingredient and include a surfactant. The brand shipped will depend on current availability.


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