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Fruit Tree Combo


OMRI listed protection for fruit trees



Peaches, Plums, Cherries, and other fruiting trees need protection from pests in order to bear a proper crop.  Our Fruit Tree Combo can help.  Off season applications of our mineral oil-based Dormant Spray combined with pre- and post-bud stage applications of Omri listed Triple Action will help defend against scale and many other insects on ornamentals, shrubs, and fruit trees.

Off season protection involves two applications of Dormant Spray; once around Thanksgiving and another around Valentine’s Day.  Mix three ounces of Dormant Spray to one gallon of water and thoroughly apply to fruit trees.  This will help protect against scale insects, mites, fruit tree leaf rollers, pear psylla, armyworms, and many more.

Read the DORMANT SPRAY label and always follow label instructions.

In early spring, prior to the bloom stage (when blossoms are open), make an application of Triple Action by mixing one ounce to one gallon of water. Additional applications can be made after the petal fall stage (when the last of the petals have fallen from the blossoms) every 7-14 days as needed to control against aphids, spider mites, scale, mealybugs, whiteflies, beetles, loopers, leafminers, leafrollers, armyworms, weevils, and many other insects.  May be used up to day of harvest.

Read the TRIPLE ACTION label and always follow label instructions.

Contains: one pint of Dormant Spray and one pint of Triple Action


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