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Supersize Sandbur Knockout Combo


Get on top of sandburs with 2 acres of pre-emergent and 4 acres of post-emergent solution.



We’ve super-sized our Sandbur Knockout Combo to give you even more pre-emergent protection.  Give sandburs the one-two knockout punch with these two top-notch products.
Pre-emergent solutions for sandburs have been hard to come by until now. Dithiopyr is the only herbicide that we have found that will attack and sterilize sandburs before their growth cycle begins.  By making an application of Dithiopyr early in the season, you can help to eliminate these nasty stickers before they take control of your lawn.  Break the vicious cycle with Dithiopyr and you will experience a huge difference.   Our Sandbur knockout combo includes one gallon of Dithiopyr to cover up to 2 acres.
To read more about Ditiopyr, click here.
And because you can’t fool Mother Nature all the time, you will need to be ready with a post-emergent solution too.  No matter how well you think you cover your bases with the pre-emergent Dithiopyr solution, you simply will not get it all.  This is where MSMA comes into play.  MSMA kills sandburrs. Period.   This 2.5 gallon container of MSMA will cover about four acres.  Click here for more information on the mix rate.
MSMA will ship as either Drexel or Target brand.  Both brands contain the same amount of active ingredient and include a surfactant. The brand shipped will depend on current availability.


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