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Mirimichi Green Pro Concentrate


OMRI listed non-selective herbicide that provides very effective contact control of weeds and grasses.  EPA approved for organic production.

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Mirimichi Green Weed and Grass Control is an all natural, 100% organically derived non-selective weed killer. It is concentrated and will produce visible results in minutes, instead of days. The easy to use formulation includes an EPA registered active ingredient that kills both grasses and broadleaf weeds with one application. Symptoms are visible in just 15 minutes with most species, and death of the weed occurs in as little as one hour. Mirimichi Green Weed and Grass Control also provides safety to desirable plants and vegetation. There is no soil activity, only the plants sprayed directly are affected. Additionally, there is no buildup in the soil, allowing for immediate planting of desirable plants, gardens, or ornamentals. It is registered for use in organic gardening and green houses, and can be used to control unwanted weeds in all non-crop areas such as dormant lawns, driveways, cracks and crevices, sidewalks, rights-of-ways, and ornamental/flower beds.

Sales to CA subject to additional charge. Call for details.

Contains 2.5 gallon

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