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Systemic Insect Spray


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Hi Yield Systemic Insect Spray kills insects and helps prevent new infestations of weevils, aphids, chinch bugs, cutworms,  lacebugs, leaf hoppers, leaf miners, mealy bugs, mole crickets, Japanese Beetles, sod webworms, thrips, whiteflies and more.  A very effective solution that provides rainproof protection and lasts for weeks.   For use on turf lawns, roses, flowering shrubs, woody ornamentals and groundcovers such as english ivy and vinca.  Apply when insects first appear and before high pest populations are established. Repeat if re-infestations occurs.

Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Spray also treats fruit tees such as apple, cherry, pecan, peach, plum and more for aphids, leafhoopers, leafminers, mealybugs, San Jose Scale and spittlebug. Refer to label for specific application instruction.

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