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Contain and kill fire ant colonies with FIREantPower.

Eliminating fire ants can seem like an endless battle. Mounds multiply at a rapid rate, and fire ants inflict a painful and dangerous sting that poses a significant threat to livestock, pets and children. Fire Ant colonies burrow several feet down and construct a network of tunnels.  “Killing” individual mounds is often not enough to keep the broad-reaching colony from forming other mounds just a few feet away.

With our FIREantPower Combo, you will have the tools to contain the spread of the colony and deliver a decisive blow to the main mound, all for less than 50 cents per mound.

Step One: Apply a four foot perimeter application of Bifenthrin around the individual mound.  Bifenthrin is a powerful pesticide that contains and kills perimeter fire ants as they migrate.

Step Two: Apply a single heaping tablespoon of Surrender Fire Ant Killer to the center of the mound. Surrender contains 75% acephate for strong, effective elimination of fire ants.

Step Three: Walk Away. Do not disturb the mound.  Check on the mound after a day or two and notice that it has collapsed.  This mound is dead and your strong Bifenthrin perimeter has contained any escapees.

Please read and follow all label instructions prior to use.

READ MORE from the NC State Extension publication on Fire Ants.

Contains one gallon of Bifenthrin I/T and two pounds of Surrender.

Treats up to 216 mounds. 





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