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Early Jersey Cabbage



Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (95 days) Earliest pointed head variety. Plants medium size. uniform, and with few outer leaves. Two to 3 pounds, firm heads, interior white, crisp, tender. Heirloom

A cold hardy crop grown year ‘round in this area from seedings made December to March and again July to September, Cabbage is grown in all types of soils. A sandy loam, high in organic matter with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 is pre- ferred. Fertilize with a quality garden fertilizer. Sidedress with Nitrate of Soda. One ounce of seed produces about 1,500 plants; one-half pound of seed will produce plants for an acre. For winter and early spring crop, plant seed in fall and transplant when plants are large enough. For spring planting, sow seed in beds December to March. For fall crop, sow seed in late June and July. Space plants 15 to 18 inches apart in rows 3 feet apart.


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