Green Kyllinga

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Green kyllinga and false green kyllinga are very similar in appearance, and both are referred to as green kyllinga. Both species are native to Asia and are spreading rapidly in turfgrasses in the southern United States. Both are perennial species with well-developed rhizomes. Kyllingas tend to have a finer leaf texture and are shorter growing than other sedges. They thrive under close mowing situations (inch or less) and are very prolific in areas that are poorly drained or frequently wet. These two species are mat-forming sedges and have been observed to take over turfgrasses in the southeastern United States. Green kyllinga is very difficult to control once the large mats form. The range of these two species is somewhat misleading because they are spreading rapidly. It is believed that spread of these two species may be due to a change in crabgrass control practices in recent years.  Thanks to NC STATE TURFFILES for this content.


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