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Triclopyr Ester


Eliminate bermuda grass from existing fescue.

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Triclopyr Ester is a specialty herbicide that helps eliminate bermudagrass that is growing within a stand of fescue.  Triclopyr Ester will not harm your fescue but will control encroaching bermudagrass, clover and ground ivy.

Triclopyr Ester should be applied when the bermudagrass is in growth mode, not in its dormant stage.  When the bermuda begins to green-up, go after it.

Use 3/4 oz of Triclopyr Ester per gallon of water.  Each gallon of mixed solution will treat 1,000 sq/ft.   Four separate treatments are required at 4 week intervals.

Read the complete label for Triclopyr Ester.

Contains 8 ounces, which will make 11 gallons of mixed solution.  This will treat approximately 2,750 sq/ft with four separate applications.


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