Tomatoade Combo Kit



Homegrown tomatoes are among the true treasures of life.  Picked fresh from the vine, there’s nothing in the world like a tomato sandwich. Plenty to eat and plenty to share with friends and family.  But these love apples are too precious to “share” with worms and disease.

Say Hello to Tomatoade…..our homegrown tomato rescue kit that addresses the two main threats to your crop.

Blossom End Rot is caused by the lack of sufficient calcium in the blossom end of the fruit. This disorder is usually most severe following extremes in soil temperature and moisture. (Sound Familiar?) Blossom end rot is easily identified by the dark grey rotted-looking area on….you guessed it….the blossom end.  In the early morning, mix one ounce of Yield Booster with one gallon of water and spray or drench the plants.  Do this every 7 days for 3-4 weeks. This will get you back on track!  As always, follow all label directions.

Tomato Hornworms love your produce as much as you do.  An application of Dipel Dust (Bt) is the all-natural biological key to stopping them in their tracks.  One bite of dusted foliage will stop their munching within minutes.

Contains: 16 ounces of Yield Booster, and five pounds of Bt.



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