Cankerworm Combo Kit


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Canker worms begin making their way up hardwood tree trunks in the Fall to lay eggs for a Spring outbreak.   The most effective way to stop the migration is to apply a band of Tanglefoot around the tree trunk.  This will stop the females in their tracks.

Here is all you need to install your tree bands. A 5 pound tub of Tanglefoot is ready to use and will provide a sticky barrier against canker worms, ants, winter moths, black vine weevils, and other crawling insects. Also included is a 50 foot roll of Tanglefoot tree guard banding material, a 3′ x 24′ roll of burlap underlayering and a putty knife.  (Cankerzilla not included).

Begin with the burlap by folding over and snugly wrapping around your tree.  Secure with staples or small tacks.  This will provide a “first line of defense” to help keep the moths from crawling under your bands.  Then, wrap the tree guard around the middle of the burlap and secure with staples.  Finally, apply a generous glop of Tanglefoot and spread with the putty knife.  Be forewarned!  This stuff is sticky.  Gloves are not a bad idea.

5 pound tub of Tanglefoot and all the fixin’s


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