Spectrum & SBB Combo


Spectrum grass blend takes full sun and accommodates up to 75% shade.

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Stone Bros. turf blends are based on annual turf trial results at NC State University to assure top quality. You simply can’t get any better than this for growing sunny/shade mix areas. This 25 lb bag of Spectrum will over-seed from 5,000 – 7,500 sq ft.  Also included is a 20 lb bag (6,000 sq/ft)  of our famous 30-4-10 “SBB” fertilizer. This formulation will provide a strong initial feeding and will then release additional nutrients throughout the fall and winter to help establish a strong root system.

Spectrum is blended to perform from Full Sun to 75% Shade and contains:

Falcon IV Tall Fescue- 24.05%

Titan RX  Tall Fescue- 22.55%

GRO PRO Tall Fescue – 21.85%

SunFire Tall Fescue – 20.70%

SPF-30 Kentucky Bluegrass – 2.45%

Gladiator Hard Fescue – 6.85%

25 lb bag of Spectrum Grass Seed and 20 lb SBB fertilizer


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