Po’ Boy Pennywort Combo



Pennywort or Dollarweed blankets lawns from Maine to Florida and from Carolina to California.  Quicker than a New York minute, this rhizomial perennial can take over and choke out your fescue, rye, zoysia, bluegrass or bermuda lawn.  Here’s the solution:   BK 32 combined with Spreader Sticker provides maximum brush control.  You’ll see results with a single application.  For cool season lawns, mix 4 ounces of BK 32 with 1 TBSP of Spreader Sticker to apply to 1,000 sq/ft.  For warm season lawns, mix 2 ounces of BK32 with 1 TBSP of spreader sticker to treat 1,000 sq/ft.

Also kills, Alder, Box Elder, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Black Medic, Dandelion, henbit and many, many other tough weeds.

Read the COMPLETE LABEL here.

Contains 16 oz. of BK32 and 8 oz. of Spreader Sticker

FREE Measuring Cup included.


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