The Kitchen Sink Sallet Blend


The Kitchen Sink Salad Blend


This time of the year as the afternoons begin to warm up a bit, folks start thinking about March Madness, fishing and planting their spring salad patch.  Nothing’s better than a big ol’ mess of greens…mustard, kale, turnips and collards.  If you’re hankering for that succulent Southern sallet, we’ve got just the deal for you.
We call it “The Kitchen Sink“.

It’s got it all: Seven-Top Turnips, White Egg Turnips, Hen Peck Mustard, Tendergreen Mustard, Early Siberian Kale, Hanover Salad, Curled Mustard, Radish and Morris Head Collards.

Is your mouth watering yet? Want a scoop?

We’ll send you an ounce of our “Kitchen Sink” Sallet Blend.  That’s enough to sow a patch 300-400 square feet.


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