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Hale’s Best Cantaloupe



Hale’s Best Cantaloupe (88 days) Mildew Resistant. Fruits are short oval with indistinct ribbing and heavily netted. Flesh thick, firm, sweet, of good quality and flavor, light orange in color. Recommended for areas in which powdery mildew is prevalent.

The melons thrive best and develop the highest flavor in a hot dry climate. Sow the seed after all danger of frost has passed. For an extra early crop, sow seed in containers, in a glass covered bed 2-3 weeks before last killing frost in spring and transplant after frost. The most suitable soil is a warm, rich, sandy loam with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5; however, they will do well in most types of well drained soils. Fertilize with a quality garden fertilizer. Plant in rows 5-6 feet apart. Plant 6 seed per hill (1 inch deep) 2 feet in the row and gradually thin to 1-2 plants per hill. Sidedress with Nitrate of Soda. Two pounds of seed will plant one acre; 1 ounce will plant 800 ft. of row.


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