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Congo Watermelon



Congo Watermelon (93 days) Resistant to 3 races (susceptible to 1 race) Anthracnose and slightly resistant to Fusarium wilt. A good yielder and shipper, having attractive marketing character-istics. The fruits (up to 5 lbs.) are long, cylindrical, two-toned green striped. Bright red flesh that is solid, crisp, sweet.

Sow seed after all danger of frost has passed. If early crop is desired, plant in pots, 4-5 seeds per pot, in a glass covered bed 2-3 weeks before last frost in spring. A well drained sand loam soil with a pH of 5.0 – 6.0 is ideal. Do not plant on land where melons were grown before, even if four or five years before, if you have other good land. The vines remove something from the soil not readily replaced, and following crops may produce deformed melons with black or shriveled ends, even from the best of seeds. Fertilize with a quality garden fertilizer. Sidedress with Nitrate of Soda. Plant 6-8 seeds in hills spaced 8-10 feet each way. Gradually thin the plants out to one or two per hill. Three pounds of seed will plant an acre; one ounce will plant 50 hills.


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