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BioCare AGO Mosquito traps


Non-Toxic, highly-effective Mosquito Trap


The BioCare AGO Mosquito trap is a non-toxic, highly effective method of trapping and killing mosquitoes that breed in small pools of water. The AGO Mosquito trap is scientifically proven top be an effective way of trapping Aedes mosquitoes responsible for transmission of dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika. The trap is also effective for treehole mosquitoes such as Culex. Mosquitoes are attracted to the AGO Mosquito Trap due to the dark shape, water and hay infusion.  Simply fill the trap with water and hay and insert the Sticky Board into the catch chamber.

Full instructions are included.

Includes TWO FULL TRAPS and also two replacement sticky pads.

This will provide protection for up to 16 weeks.



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