A Slice of Tomato Advice

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Nothing says “summertime” like a nice, fresh tomato.  Whether you slice ’em on a sandwich, chunk them into a salad or cook them into a fresh, homemade pasta sauce, you just can’t beat a home grown tomato.  Stone Brothers & Byrd have been supplying Durham gardeners and farmers with tomatoes since 1914.  (Along with squash, zucchini, peppers and more!)  For many years,  we have been proud to offer the Espoma line of organic fertiliers. Espoma TomatoThese folks haven’t been in business quite as long as we have (1929), but we like to help out the younger generation.  Seriously, Espoma products are fantastic and they have put together a very nice article on tomatoes that we thought you would enjoy.

CLICK THIS LINK to learn all you might ever want to know about growing and eating tomatoes.   And come on down to Stone Brothers to stock-up for the summer growing season.



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