February Lawn and Garden Projects

 Week of February 1st – This is a great time to mulch your beds and finish preparing them with spring flowers and bulbs. Now is also the time to take on those heavy pruning projects.

Week of February 8th – Weed control is a reality in the winter months with Weed Free Zone.  This is an excellent post-emergent product that is very effective when the air temperature dips low.  To really get on top of things, give your winter weeds the one/two punch with our Winter Weed Combo.

Week of February 15th –  Make sure your power equipment is ready for spring. An Early Byrd Special is one of the best things you can do for your mower….and your sanity.  Call Steve at 919-682-1311 to schedule your appointment.

Week of February 22nd – Now is the time to prune Crape Myrtles, but please…no “crape murder!!!” Crapes have a beautiful, natural shape. Simply prune, as in “thinning” the unnecessary canes. Also, cut liriope (monkey grass) back now and watch for new shoots very soon.  DO NOT prune azaleas, camellias or gardenias until after they finish blooming.


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