October Lawn and Garden Projects

Week of October 17th – Here in North Carolina, the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp. That’s the perfect time to work on over-seeding your cool-season lawn.

At Stone Brothers & Byrd, we head over to NC State University every year for the turf trial tests that determine the very best grass seed mono-cultures that are growing in our area.  Based on these test results, we hand-mix our grass blends to give outstanding performance.  Our blends can accommodate full sun and various levels of shade.  Come see us with the dimensions of your grass area and the mix of sun and shade your get and we will have you set in no time.

Canker Worm Time is Here!  Now is the time to begin planning your defenses against the dreaded canker worm.  When the first hard freeze comes in less than a month, the female moths will begin their trek up the trunks of your deciduous tree.  There, they will lay eggs that will produce an army of leaf-chomping canker worms.  You can make a real difference now by banding your trees with Tanglefoot.  We’ve got all the supplies you need and will help walk you through exactly how to apply the goo.


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