May Lawn and Garden Projects

Week of May 2nd –  Frost is all gone and the ground is quickly warming up.  If you have a yard full of sun and cannot maintain cool season grasses during the summer months, consider installing a warm season grass. Our Stone Brothers & Byrd “Carribean” Hybrid Bermuda blend performs extremely well and offers a lush lawn in the full, hot sun.

Remember to fertilize and prune your azaleas and gardenias AFTER they bloom.  We recommend Espoma Holly-Tone Organic fertilizer.

Week of May 9th – Okra, melons, and field peas can be planted now.  These crops need HOT soil to germinate properly and all too often they are planted early.

It’s now time to fertilize your warm season lawn and EITHER apply pre-emergent OR overseed with additional warm season seed.  You cannot apply pre-emergent and seed at the same time.  Call us if you have any questions on this.  If you are not over-seeding, now is also a great time to make an application of a powerful pre-emergent herbicide like Prodiamine and also apply MSMA to knock-back early weeds.  Stay on top of this chore and life will be easier come summer proper.

Week of May 16th – Plant your sweet potatoes now.  We have a beautiful selection and they are one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat.  Now is also a great time to plant your summer flower bulbs.  We have a gorgeous selection from Holland: Color, Color, Color.  You’ll also find the widest selection of locally-grown veggies and flowers around.  Tomatoes, Squash, Okra, Melons, Eggplant….more, more, more.  Come and get ’em.

Week of May 23rd – The Canker Worms are all gone for the season….but watch out…the Japanese Beetles are on the way.  They love your aromatic plants and will feed on the foliage. This places the plant under great stress and the beetles will then lay their eggs in the same area, ensuring more fun next year.  By treating the soil as the eggs hatch and then again when they are deposited at the end of the cycle, you can put a major crimp in their plans to expand.  Come on down and we’ll show you how.



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