April Lawn and Garden Projects

April means Spring is here. No foolin':

If you have a warm season lawn, like Bermuda, St. Augustine or Centipede now is the time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide like Prodiamine or Dithiopyr.  BUT ONLY if you do not plan to overseed with more grass seed in the next 3-4 months.  Our strong and effective pre-emgent herbicides will close your over-seeding window for that amount of time.  Dormant weeds like sandburs, crabgrass and dallisgrass are beginning to emerge. Dithiopyr can help eliminate sandburs. It is not only an excellent pre-emergent solution, but also zaps young, emerged stickers.  Get to it early and hit ‘em hard.  We have solutions for all of your weed issues and we’re happy to take the time to talk with you about your specific needs.  We also offer a Sandbur Knockout Combo that provides both pre-and post emergent control of sandburs. Now is also the time to act to control crabgrass. Prodiamine will serve as a strong pre-emergent control for 3-4 months.  And by tank-mixing your first application of Prodiamine with MSMA, you can lay down 3-4 months of pre-emergent control AND begin to kill those early, emerged weeds like crabgrass, dallisgrass and others.

If you have cool-season, fescue turf, April is the time to take action against any early emerging weeds.  If you did your seeding in the early Fall and were able to make several mowings, your lawn is established and if you haven’t already, you can now apply a pre-emergent herbicide like Prodiamine.  You can also begin to treat a wide range of weeds including crabgrass with Trimec with Q.  This is a strong and effective herbicide that mixes and applies easily.


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