December Lawn and Garden Projects

This December, there is plenty to do in the lawn and garden. If you have a warm-season lawn like bermuda, now is the time to begin properly putting your turf to bed for winter dormancy.  Take care of two birds with one stone by making a combined application of MSMA and Prodiamine.  This will clean up existing crabgrass, sandburs, dallisgrass and other nasty weeds, while the Prodiamine will serve as a strong pre-emergent control for 3-4 months.  As always, call us if you have any questions.

If you have cool-season, fescue turf, now if the time for you to get busy.  November is still a good time to aerate your lawn and apply lime, fertilizer and grass seed.  Our Stone Brothers’ Grass Blends are based on the annual results of the NC State Turf Trial Tests and we are proud and confident that we offer the freshest and best seed around.  We are happy to have a conversation with you about your specific lawn needs.  Come on down to the store or give us a call.


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