September Lawn and Garden Projects

Week of September 12th – We’ve got a month or so before a killing frost (here in NC), and now is the time to prune, thin and re-fertilize your summer annuals.

Be mindful of Lace Bugs on azaleas. Leaves will appear “mottled” with a rough texture of brown veins on the underside.  If you spot these signs, take a look at our Hy-Yield Systemic Insect Spray , which is a very effective solution.  Watch for Bagworms on any plant in the cedar family.  These little buggers can defoliate a cedar overnight.  Get on top of it quick with Spinosad, which is a fantastic and natural product.

Japanese Beetles have retired for the year, but they have left behind eggs for next year.  You can greatly lessen their population by making an application of Bifenthrin in the areas that the beetles frequented.  This will help to eliminate the eggs.


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