White Dutch Clover (two pounds)


Uncoated White Dutch Clover


White clover serves as the premier living mulch system over any other legume. It is robust, resilient and competitive. It produces nice, green walkways and builds soils. It outcompetes weeds, is easy to manage and produces nitrogen. Everything you could want in a ground cover exists in white clover. The following are examples of the many benefits of white clover. (Thanks to MSU Extension for this content.)

Fixes nitrogen

A good white clover stand produces 80-130 pounds per acre. This is less than the average legume.


White clover is the most resilient of the clover genus. For this reason, white clover serves as an excellent ground cover crop. It withstands mowing very well and high traffic areas.

Soil compaction

White clover has a very thick and interconnected root system. This root system breaks up and prevents soil compaction.


White clover withstands grazing very well, it is also palatable. It has a protein content of roughly 28 percent. Watch for bloat in your cattle when allowing them to graze on white clover.

Erosion prevention

The extensive root system and ground cover capabilities of white clover keep soil from running off, keeping key nutrients in place. White clover is also used to help increase soil health because of its erosion protection and nitrogen fixation.

Weed suppressant

Once established, white clover serves as an excellent weed cover. The large root system and biomass production, plus the fact that white clover competes well in adverse conditions, will hardly inhibit weed growth.


Contains: Two Pounds of uncoated White Dutch Clover for coverage of approximately 1600 sq/ft.


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