Weed and BioFeed Combo


Combine the weed control of Ditiopyr with the revitalizing benfits of BioNutrients.

Covers one acre.

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Packaged in an easy-to-use 8 ounce package, BioNutrients 8-0-9 for Fairways, Sports Turf, and Lawn Care is a 100 percent organic biostimulant and soil conditioner. Designed to add that extra “bounce” to all warm- and cool-season turfs, it is highly concentrated.

A single package will cover one acre of turf.

Dithiopyr delivers pre- and early post-emergent control of crabgrass, dallisgrass seedlings, sandburs and over 40 other grassy and broadleaf weeds in established lawns, golf courses, field-grown nurseries, landscape ornamentals and more. Outstanding pre-emergent and early post-emergent control of crabgrass, dallisgrass and sandburs.
Non-staining, low odor formulation season-long control of other grasses and broadleaf weeds Dithiopyr easily mixes in spray tanks and is compatible with registered herbicides.This contains a total of four, 5 oz water-soluble packets. Simply drop one of the water-soluble, Dithiopyr packets into your spray tank with clean water and you are set.  Each pack mixes with 10 gallons of water and will cover 1/4 acre at a spray rate of 1 gallon of mixed solution per 1,000 sq/ft. Each Pack of  four packets will cover one acre.

Total Coverage is one acre.

BioNutrients’ N-P-K analysis of 8-0-9 is surprisingly high for a 100% organic product. But what’s most exciting about BioNutrients is its ability to dramatically improve soils – and ultimately turf – by activating microbial activity.
The secret lies in BioNutrients’ rich organic base. It contains three species of rhizosphere bacillus (B. subtilis, B. megaterium and B. licheniformis), which together produce four every effective enzymes that operate at a very wide temperature range (38 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit).
BioNutrients also includes wild cultures of yeast and all the “extras” that allow the beneficial microbes to successfully colonize soil and enhance root growth.

BioNutrients’ natural wetting agent, which is derived from Yucca, draws the product into even the most difficult soils. Once in the soil, its L-amino acids, humic acids, kelp extracts, and other carbon-rich molecules sustain microbial activity.
“I think of it like a flu shot for turf,” Gold says. “It puts billions of advantageous bacteria in the soil, and this improves turf health, increases root length, neutralizes soil salts, improves turf color, and makes turf better able to withstand various environmental and disease stresses such as wilt and summer stress.”
BioNutrients dissolves quickly in water, and can be tank-mixed with most pesticides, fertilizers and micronutrients. For regular maintenance of fairways and other sport and lawn turfs, it should be applied monthly throughout the growing season. Sprays of BioNutrients are also recommended for overseeded, hydroseeded, or newly seeded sods.

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