Organic Chicken Laying Crumble

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50 pound bag of organic laying crumble.

Nature’s Best organic feeds are made with certified organic ingredients. This means that the crops that produce our grains are grown under a program in which a certifying agency certifies to the USDA that the crops are grown in a way that is considered organic according to national and international guidelines. In the case of our feed mill, Pennsylvania Certified Organic inspects us, but we buy grains inspected and certified by NOFA New York and other regional certification agencies. The inspections follow the grain we use right back to the field in which it was grown.

The rules that govern the growing of grain are designed to enhance the life of the soil. Healthy soil naturally produces healthy crops. Many corn fields are grown with corn year after year, a situation that depletes the organic matter that is the living part of the soil. Insects, plant diseases and weeds build up, causing these fields to be sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, just so the crop will grow.


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